Prosperity 21251-Night

Q. How is your day?

A. Let’s check the priority activities one by one.

Q. You completed fabulous energizing challenge?

A. Yes. I did it in morning.

Q. You completed fabulous morning challenge?

A. Yes.

Q. What about playing elevate?

A. I did it too. And I completed all the workouts.

Q. You attended online lecture?

A. I did it for half an hour then I start watching about homeless people. I shared one of the video on home page of this blog post.

Q. You consider it as yes or no?

A. Let’s take it no because in order to earn yes I have do online class for more than one hour.

Q. What about your self talk?

A. I am writing one.

Q. Fabolous night challenge?

A. I will do it once I am done with this self talk.

Q. You helped anyone today?

A. Yes.

Q. Who?

A. That’s confidential.

Q. Why?

A. Because it’s one of the Adobe of Human’s challenge.

Q. Then what you feel and think about your day?

A. I have a good active day. I have opportunity to do better tomorrow by having a very good and active day.

Q. Now that your quality of living become good what you are going to do?

A. Now it’s time to look at the finance. It’s time I take command of my finances and become financially independent.

Q. How you are going to do it?

A. I will add one more activity in my priority list which effect my finances in positive way.

Q. What it be?

A. I don’t come up with any such activity yet. I have more than enough spiritual knowledge which I have to convert into material gains. I have a goal of earning six hundred millions Indian rupees every year.

Q. That’s lots of money. What will you do with all that money?

A. I have no plan to spend it, but I have vision of gifting few Mercedes and houses to few significate people whom destiny made integral part of my life journey. You remember that destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is. Other than that I didn’t plan of spending money. I would rather make a pool of coins and swim in it like Uncle Scrooge.

Q. How you are going to earn this much amount of money? I mean what you are going to do to earn this much amount of money?

A. I have few spiritual tricks up my sleeves. One of them is asking question.

Q. Asking question is my job. What type of question you are going to ask?

A. I will ask empowering questions to myself. Question like, “why and how I earn money by doing my priority activities?”

Q. How it is going to make difference?

A. I will tell you once I come up with an activities to make money. That’s all for now. See you soon. I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

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