Prosperity 21294-Night

Q. Why you are late?

A. My mother is a living chaos.

Q. What happen?

A. Today is very taxing emotionally. I know doing household activity is least pleasurable activity but it doesn’t mean you get the license to complain, fight, and abuse everyone non stop.

Q. Will you tell what she has done?

A. I got ultimatum from my father to get a job within three to six month or he will throw me out of the house.

Q. Is he serious?

A. They are nuts. If I have a job why would I live with them and in that case they watch Bagbaan on repeat mode.

Q. What is Bagbaan?

A. It’s a movie. Typical Indian complain की जॉब लग गई और बीवी आ गई तो माँ बाप को भूल गए।

Q. Will you do that?

A. I am thinking of walking the path of Mother Teressa who never went back to her birth home again. Her family members must have treated her badly.

Q. How can you say that?

A. She have same zodiac sign as mine. After all the good deed she has done to Indian still youth in India criticize her has villain.

Q. You are saying you are as good as Mother Teressa still people misbehave with you?

A. What to say. Destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is.

Q. What you are feeling and thinking right now?

A. I am feeling and thinking that my parents are very unlucky to have me as their only son, and they are lucky that I surrender all my commitment on daily basis.

Q. Okey. How is your day then?

A. Beside this emotional and intellectual drama, It’s an average lazy day. Today I don’t feel like doing my priority activities yet I do it somehow.

Q. Which activity you missed?

A. I done fabulous morning challenge partially, and I attended a webinar of about fifty minutes.

Q. You completed fabulous night challenge?

A. I am on it.

Q. What will you do about your father’s ultimatum?

A. If he force me to, whose probability is high, then I will walk the path of Mother Teressa or Sri Prabhupada.

Q. Why these two?

A. Both of them have the same sunshine as mine.

Q. Don’t you think they walked a very difficult path?

A. Obviously. They suffered a lot and made almost impossible to possible.

Q. You have this firmness in you?

A. How can I tell what destiny have for me. Besides it’s your job to decide “who am I” not mine. That’s all for now. I bless everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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