Story 21326-Night

Q. Why you again missed morning session?

A. I woke up after ten today.

Q. Are you nuts?

A. The more I am trying to counter this problem more it is increasing.

Q. When you slept last night?

A. After twelve.

Q. What you did today that your tomorrow will be different?

A. If by different you mean better then for that I completed all the elevate workout. Watched one hour of online lecture. Wrote a self talk. And planning to complete night fabulous challenge.

Q. But your criteria for good day says that you will watch online lecture for two hours?

A. Yes.

Q. It also says you have to help at least one and at most three person everyday?

A. Yes.

Q. It also says you have to complete morning as well as night fabulous challenge?

A. Yes yes yes but I procrastinated all the three activities.

Q. How you like to rate your day then?

A. I will say it is an average lazy day.

Q. Can it be better?

A. Yes. and I already set an inspiring alarm to start my day.

Q. How?

A. First thing I did is, I replace the phrase “wake up” with “Start the day”

Q. And second thing?

A. Second thing is I included first few activities for the day followed with positive affirmation.

Q. Affirmations like?

A. Like “you are going to fulfill all the criteria for great day” and “It is going to be a prosperous day.”

Q. By the word prosperous it’s come to my mind how come you never talk about your budget?

A. What budget? I have subscription of this blog post till September 2023. I have two number out which one is recharge till 23 September 2023 and second one is recharge till 10 December 2022. What else I want.

Q. How you pay your daily bills like petrol, food, clothing etc.?

A. I am not doing well in this department?

Q. Do you like your circumstances?

A. Very less.

Q. Then what are you doing to change it?

A. Frankly speaking I am stuck.

Q. I also noticed that there is no criteria for your financial independence?

A. You are right. It also don’t have any criteria for personal life. It only have personal improvement clause.

Q. What are you going to do for it?

A. I cannot think of any short term action but in long term I feel that group activities during weekends can make the life better.

Q. And what about finance?

A. This is toughest nut to crack for me. I am so convinced that my zodiac sign sucks, which is by the way true, that I am not able to take any bold step forward and stick to it.

Q. What make you so confident about your zodiac sign?

A. People having same zodiac sign as mine.

Q. So you stop living because of this?

A. Someday I will be bold enough to take an action again and again which will put a dent in the universe. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasure of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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