Story 21407

Q. What happen to your last blog post?

A. I succeeded in attracting enough liked to viewed ratio.

Q. How? What’s the state?

A. It have 8 views, 5 likes, and 2 comments with 0.62 liked to viewed ratio. The comments are very positive. I think the blog post was success because it have mix of optimism and pessimism.

Q. Which portion represent optimism and which pessimism?

A. The will to thrive represent the optimistic attitude where as the knowledge that although destiny is neither friend nor enemy, it is as it is, destiny is like a puppet master is pessimism.

Q. You are talking about optimism and pessimism but what about realism?

A. Reality depends on the person who is perceiving it. For higher intellectual person reality is something, for lower intellectual person reality is something else, and for in-between reality is some thing totally different. Truth is another name for reality. Some truth are visible like sun and some are hidden like Saturn but both have parts to play.

Q. How you come up with answer to every question?

A. I keep on contemplating on question until I get satisfactory answer.

Q. Don’t you do any research for it?

A. At present very little but I have clear intention to increase it.

Q. Then how anyone will trust the validity of your information and claims?

A. They don’t have to yet. This is the reason I am naming each blog post as story instead of anything else.

Q. You will keep naming your blog post as story in future too?

A. It depends.

Q. Depends on what?

A. Depends on destiny and my will to thrive.

Q. Then why you are writing this story?

A. To generate prosperity.

Q. How?

A. This time by informing about the importance of Jupitar.

Q. What is the importance of Jupitar?

A. If you have read the story 21410 and did some purchasing then by now you have known that sun is the reason some heavenly bodies are called planets but Jupitar is the reason planets are safe and sound.

Q. How’s that?

A. Jupitar attract almost all the debris to itself and destroys them. The gravitational pull of Jupitar is so high that it even makes sun to move.

Q. So?

A. Jupitar is the Ruler of zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Q. What this have to do with human life?

A. Every work done by Sagittarius people or work done under the governance of Sagittarius people can be considered as good fortune.

Q. How this will generate prosperity for you?

A. Dale Carnegie is one such person and his literature is very effective for social growth.

Q. What point you are trying to make here?

A. Give his books a read it will surely increase your quality of life.

Q. Have you read his books?

A. One of them.

Q. Which one?

A. How to influence people and win friends?

Q. Then why you are not recommending one book instead of whole bunch of it?

A. Because I have strong faith in Jupiter.

Q. What happen to your faith in sun?

A. I have faith in Navagraha and Sun, Jupitar, Saturn, etc., are its part.

Q. Have you make any sell from your site?

A. Four five times at most. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Till next time.

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