8 thoughts on “Mantra 21573

  1. This statement seems to make very little sense. I might be missing something but is this a blog post, general statement, or just a response to a bigger article. I would like to read it.


      1. What about human sex trafficing? That is a huge cash-flush business that women hate. It is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.


      2. Nice argument. It make me think for a while. I would say, initially women like rich men. They don’t care from where this money came from. After that they try to change him to do them some legal work. Also, human sex trafficking don’t show exponential growth. What’s your opinion?

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      3. The following is the exponential growth formula:

        P(t) = P0ert

        P(t) = the amount of some quantity at time t
        P0 = initial amount at time t = 0
        r = the growth rate
        t = time (number of periods)

        I do not have the stats on my but I assure you this can be applied to human sex trafficking. The business is only growing! The internet has invigorated it since the ’90s. In addition, it seems as if your response was forced. My point was not to prove anything but to show that such generalized statements like “Without women’s approval no business can see exponential growth,” seem to appeal to emotion and not logic. Much like: “believe all women.” Sure, in cases of sexual misconduct this sounds like something good, much it is certainly not a sound logical stance. Much like “Without women’s approval no business can see exponential growth.”

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      4. Your response make me take few deep breath.As you say your research, facts, and stats are incomplete and I forgive you for that. Just give me three example of business world where product generated fabulous growth without women like it. Then I will rethink about my statement. Is it fine with you?


      5. I just did. The burden of proof is now on you. I gave you an example of a business model that does not work with your general statement. I poked a hole in your premise and gave you an example. I am not sure you understand how to defend a philosophical position. Thank you though, I enjoy the blog and understand what you are attempting to do. I just think these type of positions to gain the favor of women by illogical praise is unwise and not helpful to the problems in this world. God bless.


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