Mantra 21977

Citizen of my nation lacks empathy. They refuge to understood the problem of customers. Customers are also human being who wants to spend their life in prosperity. We have to ask ourselves how can we optimize the growth of our customers and fill their life with love, peace, and gratitude. Happy customers mean prosperous nation and prosperous nation means loveable, peaceful and satisfied citizens. For this purpose my nation demand utmost discipline from his citizens for five to seven years.

Thoughts infused with discipline hard work have the power to change the world. My nation need their citizen to fill the void with new and creative thoughts and diligent actions. My nation needs hundreds of world class university, thousands of entrepreneur and lakhs of businessman. My nation needs citizen who are ready to take the risk for betterment of customers. want to influence people for opening and working of hundreds university so that the invention from university can improve the living standard of customers. Only one percent of world population is sufficient to make this possible out of impossible. My nation needs Sudarshan chakra for prosperity. Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

Thank you for thinking of opening a university.

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