Mantra 21900

Someday centers of adobe of humans will fill the heart of my customers with love, peace, and gratitude, throughout my nation and they will happily live a glorious life full of love, peace, and gratitude. An arduous vision. It requires lots of money and manpower willing to surrender themselves for the service of nation, which … Continue reading Mantra 21900

Mantra 21903

I am very grateful for my education and therefore I love to see all my customers to get proper education regarding power and prosperity. This is where university comes into play. Elementary education is good for development of brain, understanding our surrounding and knowing our world but only a world class university can teach the … Continue reading Mantra 21903

Mantra 21911

All the followers of Adobe of Humans are my potential customers and thank god now Adobe of Humans have more than 200 followers. All my customers are living in the castle of love, peace, and gratitude. More they shops stuff through Adobe of Humans stronger the castle of love, peace, and gratitude will become. Castle … Continue reading Mantra 21911

Mantra 21912

Beautiful relationships will definitely increase the spiritual and material opulence of my nation. Whether it is romantic relationship or friendship or mind-body relationship. It is definitely going to affect my nation as whole. Of all the relationship, mind-body relationship is most significant to increase the overall happiness index of my nation as well as citizens. … Continue reading Mantra 21912

Mantra 21919

The way in which rich, great, and successful people trying to increase the opulence of my nation is very appreciable. I am also grateful for poor, sick, and failed people for giving us chance to do some austerities. Although most of the citizen of my nation is hard working but due to dispersion of their … Continue reading Mantra 21919

Mantra 21935

All my customers wants to be prosperous spiritually and materially but they are in hurry. They need to understand that first they have to cultivate the value of diligence, patience, and interdependence which will help in flourishing the beautiful castle of love, peace, and gratitude. Once my customers are able to arrive at this lovely, … Continue reading Mantra 21935

Mantra 21946

I am very grateful that great saints of my nation have huge ashrams worth crores so that they can guide lakhs of people every year toward love, peace, and gratitude. These great saints have sacrificed their youth, family, and comfort for the service of god so that humanity can march toward lovely, peaceful, and grateful … Continue reading Mantra 21946