Mantra 21463

Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans In this blog I will talk about scripture and affirmation I know how narcissist god is. He enjoys seeing people suffer otherwise why people I care have to go through birth, old age and death. He is mean and derive sadistic pleasure in making people his devotees. He do … Continue reading Mantra 21463

Mantra 21471

I have to fight more than sufficient amount of battle before I can declare myself wise. for that I have to be merciful. To feel the dynamic of battle I have to mercifully embrace corruption as moving and living entity with lots of practical experience.

Mantra 21475

Hello citizen of Adobe of Humans I hope you all are practicing congratulations affirmation with sama vritti and congratulations for your spiritual and material growth till date. In this blog I will discus forgiveness and blessing. God is sadistic bastard who seek pleasure in making people his devotees and hinder them from fully express themselves. … Continue reading Mantra 21475

Mantra 21487

I forgive and release anybody and everybody who ever hurts me and wish them poise, peace, and prosperity freely. I forgive and release all my teachers and god for for there partiality and wish them power, peace, prosperity, and excellence. ॐ शांति