Mantra 21827

I love to empower my citizen, my family members, and my clients so that they can become prosperous and live a there life comfortably. For this purpose, I need to teach them the art of building castle of love, peace, and gratitude. It is estimated that for the given purpose seven lakh crore of rupees … Continue reading Mantra 21827

Mantra 21854

To have poise, peace, and prosperity one has to overcome all the obstacles which arise while building the castle of love, peace, and gratitude. Most of the time we don’t even know what obstacles we have to face which means ignorance is our biggest obstacle. For instance, there is only three known obstacles for Mr. … Continue reading Mantra 21854

Mantra 21858

One of the greatest administrators of all time had said that although for poise, peace, and prosperity of castle of love, peace, and gratitude strategies for punishing the culprit is like bloodline but forgiveness is the greatest virtue. Therefore, the one who can be forgiven must ne forgive. Ironically, he also said that never forgive … Continue reading Mantra 21858

Mantra 21868

 A huge castle of love, peace, and gratitude is needed to make my nation, my family, and my customers prosperous. This will be done after overcoming many interiors as well as exterior obstacles. One of the obstacles is lack of great team. A good team can easily create multiple sources of income which can raise … Continue reading Mantra 21868

Mantra 21871

 Ignorance, procrastination, shyness, resentment, fear, anxiety, boredom, frustration, limiting beliefs etc., are few of the obstacle which we have to overcome to build the castle of love, peace, and gratitude. For instance, presently I facing the obstacle writer block. In this I not able to come up with the ideas to write and it feel … Continue reading Mantra 21871

Mantra 21881

In the path to achieve our dreams, wishes and goals the three biggest obstacle that we face is procrastination, resentment, and anxiety. I have come up with a way to overcome these obstacles with the use of affirmation, imagination, and contemplation. This method is actually inspired by Gabriele Oettingen and Norman Vincent Peale. In this … Continue reading Mantra 21881

Mantra 21882

Profit is very important aspect of all the startups, entrepreneurships, and business even if they contribute to the noble case of making nation, children, and customers spiritually and materially prosperous. This profit is not purely for the purpose of fulfilling personal agenda but also to improve the services, efficiency, and effectiveness in making nation, children … Continue reading Mantra 21882