Mantra 21670

“If you want to give good education to your coming generation then you have to be ambitious, optimistic, and grateful.”The last shloka of Bhagwat Geeta says, “where there is sri Krishna and sri Arjuna, there will be opulence, supernatural power, victories, and morality.” In simple words, if we desire heaven, we need to say thank … Continue reading Mantra 21670

Mantra 21744

“I am here to make you king instead of saint”Building castle of love, peace, and gratitude to have poise, peace, and prosperity is not one day process. It can take seven to twelve years during which we have to work through darkest tunnel and brightest sky even after practicing the three steps which were mention … Continue reading Mantra 21744

Mantra 21745

“We are guest and he is host. Just enjoy his hospitality with contentment.”Serenity, sex and wisdom are few of the divine business and every future moment is divine unfolding. We have to celebrate with caution every unfolded future moment because these are the moment when he is managing eighty percent of circumstances either is our … Continue reading Mantra 21745

Mantra 21748

“Strength of our faith determine our destiny.”At any given circumstances we have twenty percent of control and remaining eighty percent is control by him. Now who is him? He is divine presence, supernatural power, or universal intelligence. He is defined by us. We can give him any shape, lifestyle, and character. By doing this we … Continue reading Mantra 21748