Mantra 21880

Let’s start from the scratch. Suppose a person whose name is Mr. Awesome, his age is 30 years and he is my customer. Mr. Awesome encounters many betrayal, failure, and limitations is his life. At present, he is broke, in debt and have bills to pay. One day, he decided that in next 7-10 years … Continue reading Mantra 21880

Mantra 21881

In the path to achieve our dreams, wishes and goals the three biggest obstacle that we face is procrastination, resentment, and anxiety. I have come up with a way to overcome these obstacles with the use of affirmation, imagination, and contemplation. This method is actually inspired by Gabriele Oettingen and Norman Vincent Peale. In this … Continue reading Mantra 21881

Mantra 21882

Profit is very important aspect of all the startups, entrepreneurships, and business even if they contribute to the noble case of making nation, children, and customers spiritually and materially prosperous. This profit is not purely for the purpose of fulfilling personal agenda but also to improve the services, efficiency, and effectiveness in making nation, children … Continue reading Mantra 21882

Mantra 21911

All the followers of Adobe of Humans are my potential customers and thank god now Adobe of Humans have more than 200 followers. All my customers are living in the castle of love, peace, and gratitude. More they shops stuff through Adobe of Humans stronger the castle of love, peace, and gratitude will become. Castle … Continue reading Mantra 21911

Mantra 21912

Beautiful relationships will definitely increase the spiritual and material opulence of my nation. Whether it is romantic relationship or friendship or mind-body relationship. It is definitely going to affect my nation as whole. Of all the relationship, mind-body relationship is most significant to increase the overall happiness index of my nation as well as citizens. … Continue reading Mantra 21912