Mantra 21509

Mantra 21519

Practice the given affirmation with sama vritti many times a day. It will surly help you make competent friends. "you and your business is being forgiven, you and your business is being loved, you and your business is being blessed. Get lost now."

Mantra 21779

To be poise, peaceful, and prosperous beside spiritual knowledge, affirmation, and belief we also need technical knowledge of our field. Now technical knowledge can be achieved from proper education, training and experience. A will to learn the trade and become ace in our field make the journey fulfilled. The problem arises when we choose the … Continue reading Mantra 21779

Mantra 21814

To be poise, peaceful and prosperous we need to build castle of love, peace, and gratitude which have four pillars and a dome. The four pillars are determination to generate prosperity, hygiene, generosity, and punishment strategies. The dome of castle of love, peace and gratitude is forgiveness. For all these five qualities we need education. … Continue reading Mantra 21814

Mantra 21821

Sri Krishna and Sri Arjun are the divine players who work hard to get things done without getting involve. If Sri Krishna and Sri Arjun decide to optimize the prosperity of my nation, my family, and my customers then nothing can stop them. But if Sri Krishna and Sri Arjun start doing everything then what … Continue reading Mantra 21821