Mantra 21804

Knowing your limitation is very liberating. It let your imagination run wild to assist in the construction of castle of love, peace, and gratitude. For instance, I am not the most production person in the world that I single handedly make Adobe of Humans a world class organization to make my nation, my family, and … Continue reading Mantra 21804

Mantra 21808

So, like everyone, I too tried positive thinking to attract wealth, gadgets, and vacations, but I fail to convince my subconscious mind for all these gifts. I am same, like my assets, as I was two year ago. There is no change in my personal, economical, and social status. To be frank it is worse … Continue reading Mantra 21808

Mantra 21814

To be poise, peaceful and prosperous we need to build castle of love, peace, and gratitude which have four pillars and a dome. The four pillars are determination to generate prosperity, hygiene, generosity, and punishment strategies. The dome of castle of love, peace and gratitude is forgiveness. For all these five qualities we need education. … Continue reading Mantra 21814