Story 21376

Q. Where were you for last four days? A. Just living the usual boring life. Q. Then why you are writing today? A. After so many weeks, today I am feeling energetic. Q. Why, What happen? A. There is always some work left to carry over and some problems to resolve but when the morning … Continue reading Story 21376

Story 21380

Q. How it is going? A. So so. Q. Where were you for all this days? A. I just don't feel like writing. Q. Why? A. who read blogs these days when there is so advance platforms like twitter, shorts, YouTube etc. available so radially. All the cool, intelligent and sexy people are using these … Continue reading Story 21380

Story 21393

Q. What's going on? A. Just boring life and lots of overthinking. Q. What you overthink about? A. Sometimes I think that I revert back to ancient way of making prosperity. Q. What was that way? A. The more powerful one, usually with good zodiac signs, overthrow less powerful ones, usually with bad zodiac sign, … Continue reading Story 21393

Story 21406

Q. So, did readers liked your last blog post? A. Not that much. It have only 0.50 liked to viewed ration. Q. Why you think this happened? A. Readers taste is deteriorating. Q. Readers taste is deteriorating or your attention grabbing skill is deteriorating? A. Thing is, Jupitar is very aggressive and manipulative protector. Weather … Continue reading Story 21406