Creator’s Lifestyle: Gym Workout Workbook

Finally the book, “Creator’s Lifestyle: Gym Workout Workbook” is published on Amazon.

Creator’s Lifestyle is all about routine, a habit of performing the same task with discipline and consistency, and with increasing difficulty until we reach the point, where our growth becomes automatic.

To live a Healthy, Successful, and disciplined life, full of Happiness.
Think about a person whom you consider as successful. Now try to remember, how he/she spends his/her days. Once you focus on the way he/she lives, you will start noticing a pattern. He/she must have fix time to wake up, sleep, dinner, breakfast, and work. This pattern is his/her routine. A stable and flexible step is the first step to successful living.
Creator’s Lifestyle will provide you with the basic idea of a successful routine, But how will you be able to gauge your progress. For this purpose, Creator’s lifestyle included the Gym Workout Workbook. This will give you a sense of progress if followed properly.

It is a workbook of exercise for 128 days. Complete the workbook with the given timetable and you will be a changed and better version of yourself. Follow this book to live a healthy, successful, and disciplined life full of HAPPINESS.


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