You are on this page, this means you want to know, what you are going to get on healthandcreativity.in? To answer this question satisfactorily, first of all, we have to explain the difference between creators and consumers.

The consumer is people who use things that are being created, whereas creators are those who create something that is being consumed. In reality, these two behaviors are extreme cases. No one is truly and utterly creator or consumer.

When we look more closely, we realize that every person has a consumer and a creator in it. We cannot get rid of consumer mindset and personality entirely, but we can limit it. There is one more option to mitigate the consumer in us. In this alternative, we make our creator mindset get bigger and stronger than our consumer mindset until it takes over our personality and thus in return, we will have a creator personality. Once this Creator personality takes over, we will automatically become self-sufficient and grow successfully.


Now coming back to the original question that is what you are going to get here. the answer is, “We, at Health and Creativity, are focused on providing tools that people will need, to have a creator personality.”

If you want to have a creator personality and your motto is same as ours then stay connected and get ready to fly with us. We want to impact everyone’s lives in the right way as we get bigger and better.

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Mottoes of Health and Creativity

  1. Grow Successfully.
  2. Generate and have lots of Love, Integrity, and Prosperity.
  3. Be stable, self-sufficient, interdependent and reach our full potential.
  4. Invent very stylish, durable, affordable, useful and important things which are needed in everyday life.
  5. Donate 24% of net profit for constructive charitable works

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Reading: “Thinking Fast and Slow” by “Daniel Kahneman”
  2. To be successful we must have a mindset of a successful person. Thus we are working on a philosophy for a successful person mindset and how to change our imagination into reality, using that mindset.

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