Social Media and Human Psychology

If you want to have deep relationships on social media then 150 is the number.

There is an interesting fact about the number 150. A group which has up to 150 members are more sensitive as compared to the group which has more than 150 members. After this number people will become shallow. It’s a fact. Most of the people had crossed 150 on their social media and that’s why people are so insensitive and weird.

How to utilize this fact on social media? First, find out what type of relationship you prefer, formal or informal. In the case of formal friendship keep the friendliest or following list above 150. For the informal friendship remove every person who has 150 or more friends or followers and keep your list below 150.

To make the choices easier let’s talk about the advantage and disadvantage of both types of friendships.

Formal Relation: This types of relations are very good at accomplishing small tasks like spreading information, transfer of goods, influence people, and everything that requires little to no mental or physical exhaustion. The disadvantage is, we feel exhausted even without using our full potential.

Informal relation: Here we are able to accomplish creative and worthy work. Work which has the greater impact on society but we will be unable to distribute this work to general people because general will people don’t know at all that we exist and those 150 people in our social circle will not appreciate it enough because they are equally accomplished. Also, this type of relation is full of drama.

Make your choice now.

If you don’t want to make the choice, then you can alternate. Six months keep formal relation (use social media to connect with people all type of people) and the next six months keep informal relations (delete social media). You can make your own cycle just follow one path at least for 3 months.

Lastly, There is one more type of people. the one who follows no one. These people are leaders. By following no one they are following everyone equally. These type of people are surrounded by people and still alone.

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