Power of Donation

I am pretty crazy to think that anything is possible. Bullshit. Anyway’s I am writing after a long time and it’s good to be back.

As an experiment regarding the validity of the theory of Creator’s Mindset, I hanged a board in my house on which I had written the goals of fitandcreative.com. One the goal says to generate and have compassion. It fired back pretty bad because it worked.

I mean, how can we generate compassion? Just by being pathetic. I tore that card board and through it away. I am still struggling with the aftermath and I think donation is going to help me with my struggle.

People say that we donate what we have in excess and when we donate something then we have excess of that thing. Therefore, being very generous, I am going to start with the donation of my prayers, and I am going to call it Prayer for You.

“The donate to optimize the stability, strength, and pleasure of humans.”

It sounds little bit crazy but let’s give it a try.

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Look sharp, Feel strong, and Create paradise.


Your opinion about it?