Have you ever wonder, where it came from and where it goes? Let’s call that place emptiness. Emptiness is a very important concept because it is the beginning and the end. To understand the emptiness we have to start with the theory of contradiction along with 3 more concepts. Each concept is explained one by one, and in last we will discuss Emptiness.

Theory of contradiction:

This theory states the existence of the dual nature of things around us. Things around us exist in a pair like success-failure, good-bad, right-wrong, up-down, inside-outside, etc. In other word, chances of an outcome are less than 100 percent and therefore to think rational and make a better decision we have to take both faces into consideration and then calculate the probability of its appearance. Due to this theory avoid words like every, all, only, complete, etc.


Ego is the representation of I. I represent the attachment with ourselves. From the theory of contradiction if something is our and then it also belongs to others as well. When we get rid of ego, i.e., then we will find out that this world belongs to us. Less ‘I’ we use more we have and therefore avoid I as much as possible. Due to this concept avoid words l, me, my, you, yours, etc. and use we, us, etc.

Optimum is the path:

Optimum is the word used to donate best possible. This says that if every option has two outcomes, one that we like and the other that we dislike then how we can avoid the outcome that we dislike. It is not possible to prevent the option we dislike entirely. We can only optimize the option we like. We can be right for optimum times, we can be successful at optimum times. Thus with this knowledge, we are expected to use the simple form of adjectives to represent things or persons.

Present Indefinite:

The fourth part of the puzzle. We are expected to live in the present, we plan for the future, and we talk about the past. Now present indefinite is the tense which is used to represent things and actions with no beginning and end, i.e., things and activities which exist in the past, present as well as future. This theory says that think, talk, and plan in present indefinite. Optimize the use of present indefinite. When we use present indefinite, then we can walk, talk, work, laugh, sing, sleep, rest, dance, study, etc., in the present and we also manage to be still like lake’s water.


The fifth part of the philosophy is emptiness. We know that according to the theory of contradiction nature exist in duality. Although the last statement is correct, still we cannot say that everything exists in duality. In simple words, the theory of contradiction is also applied on itself. This means that there are things that live in absolute. If the theory of contradiction applies to 99% things, then 1% is the space where the theory of contradiction fails. This 1% space is what we have to accept as emptiness. This emptiness is a place where greatness exists, and miracles happen. Thus, if we ever feel that there is no way, then we have to remember that there is an unexplored portion of the world, the portion which has the way we need to take to reach our goals.

These 5 points, along with their application, are appropriately explained in the book creator’s mindset. This book can help you achieve your goals (sadly we cannot say all your goals).

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