Some ignore it, some feel ashamed to have it and some act according to it, whether we accept it or not FEAR is as real as this world is. Even organisations cannot act effectively without fear. Fear of loosing, what the organisation has achieved and deviation from the purpose, keep the organization and its member active. Same is true for Adobe of Humans.

While working for development and achieving the purpose of Adobe of Humans the biggest fear in the heart, mind, and intelligence of this organization is deviation from the worship of Shree Parmananda Krishna. In other words, when Abode of Humans deliver stability, strength, and pleasure in the life of humans after they give the credit of all there works to Adobe of Humans then what will happen? Will the organisation Adobe of Humans remain loyal to Shree Parmananda Krishna and his mantra or drop him and deviate from the purpose?

Its hard to predict the future, but what ever the circumstances will be, one of the foremost priority of Adobe of Humans is to stay firm in the mantra of Shree Parmananda Krishna. There are many challenges that the Adobe of Humans have to face and overcome, but as long as the organisation is firm in his mantra, humans feels the stability, strength and pleasure in their life.


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