Death or Immortality

While working for Adobe of Humans the challenges are mind-bending. Overcoming that challenges are no jokes. Few of them are like, what if we get bankrupt, what if any powerful person get hell bent to destroy Adobe of Humans, what if Adobe of Humans lose some valuable assets because of unknown reasons, what if we deviate from our founding principles, and what if we have to teach a powerful people strictly to mind there own business instead of ours to sustain Adobe of Humans growth.

The five reason that are stated above along with few more are the situations where possibility of death is pretty high (practicality hurts: A poor person is no better than a dead person.) But these are also the situation where the true strength of the organization is really tasted. These are the situations where the rewards are immortality. The battle of death and immortality is going on everyday. Everyday we are getting closer to death or immortality and it need to scrutinize very strictly. Whatever the circumstances is complaining isn’t an strategy.

On the bright side, the Adobe of Humans is trying to optimize the stability, strength, and pleasure of humans, and every bit of Hinduism says that this is the right thing to do.

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Till then, Be stable, Act strong.


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