Good Wishes from Adobe of Humans

Happy Diwali to all धर्मात्मा का उद्धार हो, अधर्मी का सर्वनाश हो, दीपावली के रोशनी से, अँधेरे में भी प्रकाश हो।

Bhagwat Geeta: 1

The second read of the book Bhagwat Geeta to research for the next book given these eleven useful thoughts that hit with the cord. There are many more but these are the first eleven that looked interesting. A loose English translation is also given. हे कुंतीपुत्र! सुख तथा दुख का क्षणिक उदय तथा कालक्रम में उनका … Continue reading Bhagwat Geeta: 1