Story 21429

Destiny is neither friend nor enemy. it is as it is. 😢

Story 21434

Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans If I am learning from my mentors and role models then they are also learning from me. It's a give-give relationship. Pray for everyone's betterment, work for your own betterment, and learn from your experience when to do what. Put your effort assuring yourself that you are being showered … Continue reading Story 21434

Story 21436

Are you going through hardship, negative situation, unwanted situation, or any type of suffering? Just like you, your competition is also praying to god, may be different one, then why you are making so much noise. Remember your role model went through similar situation and still expected success. Meditate on life before death as well … Continue reading Story 21436

Story 21441

There are three types of people. First comes those who influence people by thoughts (literature). Second comes who influence people by force. Third comes people no one care about. All three of them are mutual enemies.