Mantra 21487

I forgive and release anybody and everybody who ever hurts me and wish them poise, peace, and prosperity freely. I forgive and release all my teachers and god for for there partiality and wish them power, peace, prosperity, and excellence. ॐ शांति

Mantra 21511

Hello fellow citizens of Adobe of Humans. This is my 301th post and today I want to share my wisdom to you which I acquire by reading books and practicing sama vritti clipped with effective affirmations. The main topic of this wisdom is forgiveness. Besides gratitude and prayers, to nurture my poise, peace, and prosperity … Continue reading Mantra 21511

Mantra 21519

Practice the given affirmation with sama vritti many times a day. It will surly help you make competent friends. "you and your business is being forgiven, you and your business is being loved, you and your business is being blessed. Get lost now."