Inspiration 21152 for Five P’s

Hello Readers.

Q. Hello. Had you completed fabulous night routine yesterday?

A. I did it partially. I watched YouTube for very long time. I also watch highlight of the match in which Surya Kumar Yadav, player having same zodiac sign as mine, performed supremely well. I am glad we share same zodiac sign.

Q. Why?

A. This proves that I too can be in the A-list people if not top it like Keanu Reeves.

Q. Very well then. How good is your day?

A. It’s fun. I meet few superior people and did self study. I am doing self talk and hopefully I will do fabulous night routine before watching YouTube. I didn’t helped anyone. Keeping all this in mind my day is somewhere bad and average lazy day.

Q. How good is your professional life?

A. Very stressful. My business expenses are rising day by day due to inflation and my profit is decreasing due to competition. The business is running in huge cash deficient mode and I feel like quitting after every ten minutes. Today is very bad day for business.

Q. If that’s the case what is inspiring you to keep pushing?

A. I am not pushing, I am just sitting there hoping some miracle to happen however sun rises only once a day is already a miracle in itself. I have this intense idea of sharing profit with my employee so that they feel rewarded for prospering ॐ and my conglomerate.

Q. Then why are you not implementing it?

A. That’s tough call. If I start sharing profit with the employees then one more activity will get added in my daily task list. This is the reason I want to postpone implementation of this idea till next quarter. I will do it in July. Till then I will keep listening lofty question while going through this tough phase and try to enjoy the play of destiny.

Q. Why are you writing all this?

A. According to law of attraction scripting do come true.

Q. How good is your emotional health?

A. I took a walk of terrace for ten minutes, It soothed my stress some what I not let lack of fabulous day preparation and fabulous morning celebration effect me adversely. Today, I say, my emotional health is neither good nor bad, but average.

Q. How far have you come in last seven years?

A. I never had thought that I will write a book or do any type of writing related work. See the game of destiny, I last seven year I wrote and published not one or two but three eBook. Although the quality of book are not best therefore I choose to publish it with the minimum allowed price. My writing is getting better because of playing elevate and English correction software. My knowledge base also increased because I attended some online classes.

Q. Where you see yourself in next seven year?

A. In seven year I see myself doing business travel to expand my business as much as possible while maintain my dynamic lifestyle.

Q. Where you see yourself in next three year?

A. I see that in nest three year doing fabulous day preparation, completing fabulous morning celebration, playing elevate, doing self study, writing self talk, and following fabulous night routine as integral part of my lifestyle.

Q. What your tomorrow be like?

A. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, but I will play elevate, write self-talk and do fabulous night routine because you all know, “अंत भला तो सब भला।” Fun part is, now I have a lofty question which is, “Why destiny act in my favor?” That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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