Inspiration 21161 for Five P’s

Hello Readers. Good job

Q. How is your day?

A. I again missed fabulous day preparation. Other than that I did almost all other activities.

Q. Which are?

A. Which are fabulous morning celebration, playing elevate, self-study for one hour, meeting superior people, living generously, and writing self talk. I will do fabulous night routine in the end. Over all ॐ and I made this day a great active day.

Q. Why you missed fabulous day preparation?

A. May be because I am doing too many changes in short interval and that is draining my energy since more energy is require to make the new neural connections. This brings me third learning. Stick to a change for at least four days before introducing any reform irrespective of result. I also have one realization today that it’s not how many activities we did make us feel fulfilled, it is actually how many activities we perfected brings meaning to life.

Q. How many activities you perfected?

A. In the league of my school and collage mate I am above good in two activities. One is basketball and second is physics. I am proud of these activities and they took me many places.

Q. How come you are talking about activities?

A. In last year of my collage live a sudden urge took birth in me. I am motivated to experience whatever life holds for me. Since I am visualizing my present, past, and future, I realize that those fleeting experience have more inclination toward embarrassment compare to pride. After all, one of my mentor says that we have to master one art form before expanding our collection of mastery.

Q. Which art form you want to master right now?

A. Right now my focus is on making a streak of excellent active day for thirty consecutive days.

Q. Okey. It’s time to visualize. Where were you seven year before from now?

A. I was graduated for two year at that time with no intention to do job. My studies were also close to zero. Most of the time I was gossiping with my new friend, play mobile game, try to seduce women, and eating different cousins. I am lovely eating delicious and simple food.

Q. Where is your friend now?

A. I don’t bother to keep contact with him after year 2017. Last time I heard of him, he was married and managing his family business. He literally changed me to good extent. I bless him. I bless myself.

Q. Where will you see yourself in next seven year?

A. I see my three wives appreciating, while talking to me, my collections of awards and honors which include noble prize and Bharat Ratan.

Q. Where you see yourself in next three year?

A. I see myself in sync with sun. I and my business partner ॐ transforming ours as well as other life by being in our best shape possible.

Q. What your tomorrow be like?

A. Tomorrow I have a appointment after six. If I get late then I will write my self talk instead of making video on it. Tomorrow I will start with doing fabulous day preparation and continue my day as today till evening. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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