Inspiration 21162 for Five P’s

Hello Readers. Good Job

Q. Why did you not uploaded your weekly review?

A. I created the weekly review with utmost devotion which took quite a time on my part. Through out the creation process I didn’t bother to save my work since up front everything is running smoothly. In the background destiny played it role and cut the Wi-Fi connection result in lose of half of my work. So, I decided to scrap it.

Q. What about other activities?

A. I didn’t do any of my priority activity therefore I have lots of time to waste today. I totally ignored the learning that entertainment is more entertaining once the priority activities are done.

Q. Did you do nothing?

A. Besides my weekly review, I played elevate, attended online lecture for twenty minutes, set a new fitness goal, enjoyed tasty chicken, and that’s all.

Q. What is wrong with the old fitness goals?

A. Last Time I selected a random body weight, but this time I did something different.

Q. What?

A. First of I searched for the weight category of boxing and then I choose a random weight while keeping in mind BMI’s of heavy weight boxer. By the way, heavy weight boxers are quite having with respect to their height. I don’t have to go that extreme because now I am over age to compete in such sports. My chosen weight is very favorable for normally fit citizen. One more thing that differentiated this times goal is the introduction of one more criteria.

Q. What is that criteria?

A. This new criteria is body fat percentage. I decided to maintain 11% body fat with the determined goal. I will achieve these goals by the time I achieve my streak of excellent active day for thirty consecutive days.

Q. By the way, how you want to rate your day?

A. Let me see. I missed fabulous day preparation, fabulous morning celebration, helping someone worthy, meeting someone superior, and attending online lecture. If I complete fabulous night challenge then I will have a average lazy day.

Q. How is your emotional health?

A. It is above optimum. Who in the heaven don’t like wasting time some way or other by doing insignificant things. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be optimal from emotional point of view.

Q. How is your financial health?

A. It is average. No growth, no fall. Today I gave treat to my mother who give treat to me all the time. Anyway, she didn’t like it, maybe, due to weather.

Q. Now it’s time for visualization. Where were you seven year before this day?

A. I was on something but don’t know exactly on what. I made some new friends in 2016-17. One of them is totally into women. We become friend because he used to give me tea while I was preparing for CAT exam. He have some forty-fifty girlfriends by the time he meet me. He inspires me someway, but I never able to walk the path he showed maybe because he is Scorpio and I am Virgo. I bless him. I bless myself.

Q. Where will you be after seven year?

A. It feel so good writing about women that I almost forget that it was my downfall period. I want to win noble prize and Bharat Ratan anyhow and I have to do it by remaining three women men. Martin Luther King Jr is the youngest recipient of Noble Peace Prize by receiving it at the age of thirty five and Sachin Tendulkar is youngest recipient of Bharat Ratan by receiving it at the age of forty. In seven years I see my three wives appreciating the collection of my awards and honors which include Noble Prize and Bharat Ratan in it.

Q. This is quite a dream. How will you achieve it?

A. I don’t have to achieve it. I just have to visualize it. Who in the heaven knows, other than destiny, will I live for next year or not, and we all know very well that destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is.

Q. Where you see yourself in next three years?

A. I see my business and myself financially prospering by staying in the best shape of my life spanning thirty five year plus approximately nine months.

Q. What your tomorrow will be like?

A. I have no event to attend tomorrow. I will attend online lecture in afternoon after lunch instead of sleeping, other than this everything will be same. After waking up in morning and drinking water I will do fabulous day preparation followed by fabulous morning celebration. Before lunch I will play elevate and after online lecture I will some superior people. In evening I will do self-talk and end my day by doing fabulous night routine. I have to make my day excellent active day. That’s all for now. Until morning I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living.?

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