Story 21164 for Five P’s – Night

Hello Readers. I am feeling sleepy and you all are doing good job.

Q. Why not sleep then?

A. I have harden the habit of doing self talk and fabulous night routine because alls well if ends well.

Q. Why are you late?

A. I got stuck at business whole day. I didn’t even get time to attended online lecture due to array of unplanned meetings. Still I am able to make my day great active day.

Q. How?

A. I did fabulous day preparation, completed fabulous morning celebration, and played elevate before lunch. After lunch I slept for few hours. Then again daily business continue where I meet people who are superior than me and lived my life generously. In between these chaos I find sometime to attend online class for half an hour and watch YouTube. With the completion of self talk and fabulous night routine I will able to make my day great active day.

Q. How is your emotional health?

A. It is good, better than yesterday. It will improve further once I start having excellent active day.

Q. How is your financial health?

A. I did good in business. Today I lost goods worth 4000 and made gross profit of 4000. This means I have to pay the daily expanses of the business through my pocket. Other than this everything went well. I will say it is a good day for business.

Q. Where were you seven year before from now?

A. Filled with over confidence and lofty desires I was living without any responsibility. I never thought, and never will, that I have to be financially independent. I remember that by this time in year 2016-17, which is seven year before from now, I was very light weight, almost under weight, without any study, workday, and exercise routine. I think and feel that during that time I tried to have tattoo on my body to feel confident. I got con by the lady who was the tattoo artist. My zodiac sign sucks. It took almost eight month and 2.5 times more money to get my small tattoo complete.

Q. Will you tell me more about it?

A. Next time.

Q. Where will you be after seven year from now?

A. I see myself as the responsible person, writer, and businessman who promote reliability, capability, generosity, and humor.

Q. Where will you be after three years from now?

A. I see, hear, and feel that after three year from now power, peace, prosperity, popularity, and prestige is on the rise, and I am have good strategy for the personal as well as professional growth.

Q. What your tomorrow will be like?

A. Tomorrow I have busy day from professional point of view. In personal life, I will start my day by fabulous day preparation followed by fabulous morning celebration. After lunch I will play elevate, meet some superior people, and live my life generously. In evening I will attend online lecture followed by making video for YouTube. In the end, I will do fabulous night routine.

Q. Any event to attend tomorrow?

A. No. That’s all for now. Until morning I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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