Story 21181 for Five P’s – Night

Hello Readers. You all are doing good job.

Q. You look happy. What is the matter?

A. I organized my YouTube channel little bit. I republish my old eBooks, which I think is bullshit, on KDP.

Q. It sounds good, but what about your priority activities?

A. Oh yeah. I completed fabulous morning challenge in starting. Then I did fabulous morning challenge. I played elevate, attended online lecture for one hour, helped someone, and meet a superior person. I am writing my self talk and after diner I will do fabulous night challenge. Over all it is going to be a excellent active day.

Q. Cool. By the way, all you did is organized your YouTube channel. Don’t you want to organize your blog site?

A. It is already organized. I just, from time to time, do few improvement in it to make it more engaging.

Q. What did you do today?

A. I add my YouTube subliminal link on the front page which I uploaded today on YouTube.

Q. It all sound good for personal life but what about your business life?

A. Sadly, in my excitement of completing fabulous energizing challenge I failed to set sale target for today. When I reach the shop then it appears to me that I have to do sale to keep myself financially afloat. I set the target at that point of time, but failed to manifest it.

Q. What else did you do for your business?

A. I wrote an annual target for my business in my notebook. When I break it in parts it become daunting. Many time I thought of subsiding it and set a easy target, but the saying from one of my mentor make me firm in my decision.

Q. What is the saying which keep you firm?

A. It more of her life story rather a saying in which she manifested the earning of more than double of what she thought possible by setting a intention of manifesting it. According to her, all my dream, goals, and ambition will come to pass I just have to keep patience, make action board, and improvise, without compromising the end goal, as the situation demands.

Q. How will you do it?

A. I will do it by practicing my lofty question clipped with sama vritti. I also have to remember the basic, in case of disasters, to fall on.

Q. What is basic?

A. Sun = Visible truth, Saturn = Invisible truth, Jupitar = helping hand, Moon = friend, Shiva = Serendipity. Besides these planets (gods) and shiva (ॐ) few other planets also influence the life. All together they are called Navagraha. Also ॐ is one of the wisdom which will take me to all the required wisdom. I just have to be in conglomerate with ॐ.

Q. Your basic is very complicated?

A. That’s the snippet of knowledge which I gathered in 379 months. Obviously it will appear complicated.

Q. Anyway, How is your emotional health?

A. I think and feel that my happiness is above optimal level today because of all the online changes which I did. I will calm down in few days.

Q. Why?

A. Online work takes long time to show initial results. The changes I made today will give me results one-two years down the line. Till then my emotional health will the result of me doing my priority activities.

Q. This makes sense. How is your financial health?

A. That is bad. It is barely manageable. Don’t worry about this. Things will only get better from here.

Q. What is tomorrow be like?

A. It will be same as today, but let me elaborate it so that I can visualize it. I will start with fabulous energizing challenge, which will be followed by fabulous morning challenge. Then I will start my business and try to manifest the set target. Lunch will be done after playing elevate. Afterward, I will try to meet someone who is superior than me in business and try to help someone. In evening I will attend online lecture, then make video based on self-talk before having dinner, and end my day by completing fabulous night challenge. Throughout day, I will listen subliminal with some long intervals. that’s all.

Q. It is a busy schedule. Did you planned for any contegencies?

A. No. I don’t know what destiny, which is neither friend nor enemy, throws at me, but I will try to make my way with my will to thrive. That’s all for now. Until morning I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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