Story 21187 for Five P’s – Night

Hello Readers

Q. How will you complete your weekly goal since you missed fabulous energizing challenge for three consecutive days?

A. It is a problem. I will not able to do it, but I will do fabulous energizing challenge for four consecutive days now. By the way, I surrender all my commitments.

Q. How is your day?

A. I missed fabulous energizing challenge that you already know. On the contrary, I did fabulous morning challenge, played elevate, helped someone, meet people superior than me, and attended online lecture for one hour. I am writing my self talk and I will do fabulous night challenge. Over all, it is an excellent active days. Still, deep down, I know that it can get better.

Q. How is your professional life?

A. ohhhhhhhhh. I totally forget that I have to make video based on my self talk. It just occurred to me while thinking about my professional life. Anyway, I posted one affirmation video whose link is given in home page of this blog site. I will make video tomorrow. On the other hand, I manifested the completion of targeted sale today. Overall it is average day for my business.

Q. Why you posted affirmation video on YouTube?

A. Five months ago, I posted a prayer that now have more than thirty views. So, I thought, why not upload one more video for win-win circumstances.

Q. How is your emotional health?

A. It is good. I hope all my online friends, past, present, and future, are safe, secure, and doing great.

Q. Why are you hoping like this?

A. I don’t know why but when someone, who uses WordPress frequently, stops using it then it create very uneasy feeling. For instance, there was an elderly, before corona wave, who used to post great thought everyday. Now there was no sign of his posts from one-two year.

Q. Do you try to contact him?

A. No. There is good chance that he is dead (or ill) by now, since writing is a habit which is very stubborn to get rid of.

Q. What’s the point of your concern if you didn’t bother to inquire about him?

A. I have no regrets regarding this. I will do it again. Internet is like ocean where ninety percent of water have no creatures. One thing I can do is pray for there well being so that they can keep up there good work of writing. Writing is one of the blessing of life. I am ghost, a caring one.

Q. How is your financial health?

A. I mismanaged my money and wasted five hundreds rupees. Now, I bless that money so that it arrive where it belongs. I have to learn to be frugal.

Q. What is your agenda for tomorrow?

A. I will complete all my priority activities tomorrow. I will also make a video based on my self talk. Views on my video is constant just like number of subscribers. I have to make two videos every week so that I can upload around 100 videos my the end of this year. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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