Inspiration 21198 for Five P’s

Hello Readers

Q. How is your day?

A. I completed fabulous energizing challenge, fabulous morning challenge, played elevate, attended online lecture for one hour, and helped someone. I am writing my self talk and I will do fabulous night challenge in the end. Over all, it is going to be a great and active day. It cannot get any better.

Q. How is your business doing?

A. My business did good today since I made profit of more than 1000 on paper. I realizes that I am a businessman not an entrepreneur. I already know that I have to be infinite player in the business world but keeping patience is getting hard. I even don’t know the answer to my own lofty questions.

Q. What is the lofty question whose answer you don’t have?

A. This question is going to be the mission statement for my business. I don’t know when will it happen, but my will to thrive says to me to stick to it at least for 2023 and see the result which originate from it.

Q. What you feel and think will happen by the end of 2023 if you stick to your mission statement?

A. I will able to pay all my bills, buy a bike, save some money as security, and have an romantic affair.

Q. Don’t you feel like interacting with other people?

A. No. My mobile is my world. I spend more time on mobile compare to talking to any other person because my zodiac sign makes me the most misunderstood person. Sometime even I misunderstood myself.

Q. How is your emotional health?

A. I felt good today since I did fabulous energizing challenge. My business also did great which also contributed in my good mood.

Q. What else did you do today?

A. Nothing much. I did daily activities of eating healthy and junk foods. I get a haircut and trimmed my beard. I did some research on Rudraksha hoping it will speed up my manifestation speed.

Q. What you want to manifest?

A. Awards, honors, love, and blessings.

Q. Can’t you be more specific?

A. I am already specific enough.

Q. From when you are trying to manifest this?

A. I guess, I am trying it from last December. It is around three-four months up the line.

Q. How many awards, honors, love, and blessing you manifested?

A. None, but I don’t have to lose hope. I am building my own path from the teaching of my mentors. I just have to stick with their teaching with full faith even when I surpasses them all.

Q. How long will it take?

A. That’s the department of destiny which is neither friend nor enemy. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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