Inspiration 21208 for Five P’s

Hello readers

Q. Aren’t you made your video today?

A. I will do it tomorrow.

Q. Why?

A. I have a paper to give tomorrow so I decided to make video tomorrow since I have to study today.

Q. How is your day?

A. I did fabulous energizing challenge partially. I did fabulous morning challenge, studied for more than one hour, played elevate, and helped someone. I am writing my self-talk and in the end I will do fabulous night challenge. Over all it is a good active day.

Q. What about your business. How is it doing?

A. Today I did okay. I have more sale compare to last Tuesday. Thing are happening faster than expected.

Q. What else you did today?

A. I bought Rudraksh bracelet to pacify nine planets therefore I was exploring about it benefits. Stories written in scripture are so captivating that it is hard to not being caught in wishful thinking. While exploring about the benefits of Rudraksh I already planned to buy different type of Rudraksh. I surrender all my commitment now.

Q. Why?

A. If everything in this material world is control by the position of nine planets then I am already doing more than sufficient for their blessings. I just have to patience and keep completing my responsibilities, my power, peace, prosperity, popularity, and prestige will grow for eternity ;-).

Q. Good point. What else.

A. That’s all for now. I have to study. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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