Inspiration 21211 for Five P’s

Hello Readers

Q. You are not making video?

A. I got stuck at my business therefore I didn’t get enough time to make video and attend online lecture.

Q. What were you doing whole day?

A. I watched YouTube for three-four hours.

Q. Then why you decided not to use YouTube on phone?

A. I did deactivated YouTube app from the mobile, I am watching YouTube in chrome instead. I need to substitute watching YouTube from something which requires effort but give more satisfaction.

Q. Why?

A. It will strength my neural pathway which will serve me in taking care of myself in old age.

Q. How is your day?

A. I missed fabulous energizing challenge, and attending online lecture. I did fabulous morning challenge, played elevate, helped few people. I am writing my self talk and I will do fabulous night challenge in the end. Over all it is an average active day.

Q. How were you doing in the business front?

A. It’s an average day for business. On paper I made 1000 as gross profit. I did audited one party account. I have to do data entry on Monday which can be done today in place of watching YouTube.

Q. What will be your strategy for replacing YouTube watching?

A. I will carry a book and notebook with me so that I have something to do outside mobile. YouTube is not that bad. In fact I learned a very good lesson from it today, but too much of it is bad.

Q. What you learned today?

A. I learned about game theory and a suggestion to live the life as infinite player of the game theory. People related to business, commerce, and economics already know about it. After all Old is Gold.

Q. What else you did today?

A. Other than watching YouTube, I didn’t do much. I am looking for easy way to earn six hundred million Indian rupees annually but there is none. I have to walk the path with patience which is going to be arduous but fun.

Q. That’s lot of money. Why you want to earn this much money?

A. Because I want to. People before me had already done it and I want to prove that a person with worse zodiac sign can live a luxury life with the help of Navagrah, affirmation clipped with sama vritti, and Aum. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

Why and how you bless from heart everything, everyone, and yourself all the pleasures of living?

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