Inspiration 21226 for Five P’s (Night)

Q. Are you not making video today?

A. I didn’t get enough time to make video of my self-talk.

Q. Why?

A. I have to drop my sister to railway station at the time when I used to make my video.

Q. What are you doing now then?

A. I am writing my self talk which is one of my priority activities.

Q. Did you completed fabulous energizing challenge?

A. Yes

Q. But there was no self talk published by you in the morning?

A. Yes. Except morning self talk I did everything and that’s why I am considering it as success.

Q. If morning self-talk is not that important then what is the point of doing it?

A. The activities in fabulous energizing challenge increases my heart rate after which I need time to relax so I decided to write self talk to keep record of my day while relaxing. This is for today only. From today onward if I write my morning self-talk only then I consider fabulous energizing challenge complete.

Q. Did you completed fabulous morning challenge?

A. No.

Q. Did you played elevate?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you attended online lecture for one hour?

A. Today I watch spiritual videos for more than one hour. Since I am not enrolled in any certification course right now I will take it as Yes.

Q. Will you do fabulous night challenge?

A. Yes. I will do it once I am done with night self talk.

Q. Did you helped anyone today?

A. Yes.

Q. How was your day then?

A. It is a good and active day.

Q. Did you have any view on your videos?

A. Not yet. According to my little research I come to conclusion that I must expect good numbers of view only after I publish hundred videos or more on YouTube.

Q. Isn’t it a mammoth task?

A. It is if I take it as a whole, but if I walk one day at a time then I can easily accomplish it before the end of year 2023. To be more precise, “eight second at a time.”

Q. How were you doing on business front?

A. Thing are moving. I have the privilege of having company of humorous, capable, and young people. Still I am struggling to increase the reliability quotient of people around me.

Q. Are you listening your lofty question?

A. I listen it daily before sleeping even though sometime I have to face nightmares because of it.

Q. Is it having any positive effect on you?

A. Scientifically it is better than listening affirmation. I still practice my affirmation clipped with sama vritti, but when it comes to listening I choose to listen lofty questions as suggest by one of my mentor.

Q. How you meet your mentor?

A. On YouTube. I still have to meet her in person. In fact I meet only one of my mentor. I still have to meet rest of them. Surprisingly I will meet one of them only when I die because he is already dead and I am afraid of dying.

Q. What are you not afraid of then?

A. Living.

Q. Is living easy?

A. Earning a living is a tough task otherwise affirmation clipped with sama vritti is sufficient for living.

Q. What happen to your order for Navagraha Locket?

A. They refunded my advance to me because they are not able to make a good one. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and ourself all the pleasures of living.

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