Inspiration 21234 for Five Ps (Morning)

Q. Did you completed fabulous energizing challenge?

A. I am doing it.

Q. When will you do fabulous morning challenge?

A. I will do it after completing fabulous energizing challenge.

Q. What else you have to do today?

A. I have to attend online lecture for one hour, play elevate, write night self talk, and do fabulous night challenge.

Q. Don’t you have anything to do except your priority activity?

A. I have to deposit cash in bank, search for report to compare growth, bring fruits to my grandmother, have lunch and dinner and watch YouTube.

Q. Do you still listen to your recording of questions?

A. Yes. I still do it. I plug in my ear bud and go to sleep while listening it. It is not a good idea since I had a nightmare yesterday. Now I will listen my question audio for half an hour, before sleeping, so that I can sleep happily and peacefully.

Q. What will you do on your business front?

A. I have no Idea. One thing I do is write a subscriber only content in night. I need a marketing strategy to promote my business.

Q. What business you do?

A. I look after my family business which is stockiest of pharmaceutical products. I want to proper the business and also test my effort in different field. One thing is for sure. I will do business. It shocked me yesterday that I am blogging now from seven year. It’s time to monetize it. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and ourself all the pleasures of living.

Q. Is it worth your time?

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