Inspiration 21235 for Five Ps (Night)

Q. Did you completed fabulous energizing challenge?

A. No

Q. Did you completed fabulous morning challenge?

A. No.

Q. Did you attended online lecture for one hour?

A. Yes

Q. Did you played elevate?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you write your self talk?

A. I am writing one.

Q. Did you completed fabulous night challenge?

A. I will do it once I am done with self talk.

Q. Did you helped anyone today?

A. No.

Q. How is your day?

A. It is an average lazy day.

Q. Why you are not making this self-talk subscriber only content?

A. I missed writing morning self talk and that’s why I decided to make this self-talk public.

Q. Why you missed fabulous energizing challenge?

A. I don’t felt and thought like doing it. I needed a rest.

Q. Why you didn’t do fabulous morning challenge?

A. Again I don’t felt and thought like doing it.

Q. What did you do then?

A. I reset all the priority activity in loop habit tracker. I need a new statical start.

Q. What if you increase your priority activities down the line?

A. Only destiny knows what will happen down the line and by now you must have known that destiny is neither friend nor enemy, it is as it is.

Q. If you don’t felt and thought like doing fabulous morning challenge and fabulous energizing challenge then why you did rest of the priorities activities?

A. Because it is becoming my habit. I did other priority activities only superficially and not given my optimum. These activities are getting programed in my subconscious and getting automatic by time. What I want is a streak of 21 to 66 days of very good and active day. I will have very good and active day when I will complete all the six priority activities and helped one to three people.

Q. What is stopping you from having this streak?

A. My old habits.

Q. When you are going to try for your streak goal?

A. Most probably from march since I have one event and few exams to attend.

Q. How you know you will start from march?

A. My will to thrive says I have to go for my streak goal of very good and active day as soon as possible, but my exam dates are not declared yet. Once my exam will be over I can start my journey. This is expected to happen from march.

Q. How was your performance on business front?

A. Outflow of goods are less compare to yesterday and inflow of cash is more than yesterday.

Q. Why are you comparing your sale from yesterday?

A. This is the reference which is easily aviliable to me.

Q. Is this approach is accurate?

A. No. I have to calculate my monthly goods and cash flow and then compare it with the same months of the last three financial year.

Q. How will you collect the data to make this scheme work?

A. I am using Marg Erp to manage stock and accounts of my business. I have to search for the report in the software which make right data available to me.

Q. Do you know how to search for the report?

A. I will find it tomorrow if destiny favors me.

Q. Why not today?

A. Let look at this way, “If I don’t do it today then what will happen?”

Q. If you don’t do it today then what will happen?

A. Logically there will be three outcome. Either the business go down or remain same or go up. Right now market is closed therefore probability of business remaining same is most favourable. Also I don’t have exact data right now to compare the stats. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and ourself all the pleasures of living.

Q. Is it worth your time?

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