Inspiration 21237 for Five Ps (Morning)

Q. What’s up?

A. Just completing my fabulous energizing challenge.

Q. What will you do after completing fabulous energizing challenge?

A. After that I will do fabulous morning challenge?

Q. How are you feeling and what are you thinking at brick of completion of fabulous energizing challenge?

A. I feel and think that I am doing good. I give my optimum today with no shortcut taken although today is long way to over yet.

Q. Aren’t you running late for your business?

A. Yes, but doing fabulous energizing challenge and fabulous morning challenge is necessary.

Q. Now that your GATE exam is over what will you study now?

A. I will study marg erp until I come up with any other course. And rest of my priority activities will remain same.

Q. What you feel and think you will do to improve your business?

A. I will learn and implement skills of managing accounts. I have to take care of my finances and become financially independent. That’s all for now. Until next time I bless from heart everything, everyone, and ourselves all the pleasures of living.

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