Prosperity 21246-Night

Q. Had you completed fabulous morning challenge?

A. Yes. I did lots of improvisations and cuts corners, but I did it.

Q. You attended online lecture?

A. No.

Q. Why?

A. I didn’t feel like doing it. I have almost one and half hour to attend the lecture but I avoided it and watch videos on YouTube. I will not repeat this irresponsible behavior again. I have to keep remember that entertainment is more entertaining when consumed after doing priority activities.

Q. You played elevate?

A. Yes, but I did only recommended workouts

Q. What about self talk and fabulous night challenge?

A. I am already doing my self talk. After I am done with it I will do fabulous night challenge and then I enjoy my weekend.

Q. How?

A. By watching watching videos and surfing web.

Q. You helped anyone?

A. Yes. I helped someone.

Q. How is your day then.

A. Since I cut corners today I will rate my day as average active day even though I did five out of six priority activities.

Q. Have you listen the recording of your questions?

A. Yes. I am listening it and I didn’t come up with any idea yet although I am enjoying working. I decided to limit listening to questions audio for thirty minutes or less no matter how enticing it feels to over do it.

Q. How was your business did today?

A. It is better than yesterday. I have to develop other sources of income too. It is not possible to achieve my goal of earning six hundred millions rupees yearly from only one source of income. I have to expand in other areas too.

Q. Which area you want to expand?

A. I am curious about currier services. Since everyone want to take there business online there is huge requirement for transportation to dispatch goods. Every other person is trying to sell there goods online. As a stockiest of medicine I too need to dispatch goods to customers. This business is risky because margin is less and too many work of data entry is there. Also, I will need reliable people who can transfer goods securely instead of stealing or damaging it.

Q. What are other drawbacks?

A. I will discuss it next time. That’s all for now. I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

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