Prosperity 21247-Night

Q. You are on time. How come?

A. There is nothing interesting to watch on YouTube. Besides I like writing my night self-talk because all well that ends well.

Q. Isn’t fabulous night challenge is your last activity of day?

A. That’s right, but night self-talk is the start of the end of the day.

Q. Hmm. You played elevate today?

A. Yes. I did all the workouts.

Q. And you attended online lecture?

A. I skipped it. I was reading about benefits of Navagraha yantra. It’s been about five month that I am wearing Navagraha yantra and my days got very much organized. Weather it is happening because of this yantra or any other yantra, I don’t know, but things looks very promising. All I have to left to do is to take care of my finances (That’s bloody tough task).

Q. What is Navagraha yantra?

A. It is remedy in Vedic Astrology to enhance the positive effect of planets in once life.

Q. Okey. How is your day then?

A. It’s a good active day, but financially it is very unfavorable.

Q. What happen?

A. My business is running all time low and I am not able to steer it in profitable direction.

Q. You listen your questions audio and come up with any idea?

A. Not yet. One thing is certain that by listening this audio I am enjoying working, but I don’t see anyway to reach my goal of earning six hundred millions rupees yearly. I am patient and hoping for best.

Q. What are you expecting to happen when you decided to listen the audio of question?

A. I expected that my life will overnight take upward turn with no obstacle what so ever. This is not the case. I feel and think it is going more in the direction of wise saying, “Opportunity often appear in as disguise of work.”

Q. What you are going to do then?

A. I keep doing my priority activities and other businesses so that when opportunity appear in disguise of work I complete it promptly. After all destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is. That’s all for now. I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

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