Prosperity 21247-Morning

Q. Why are you writing in afternoon?

A. I got busy in morning so I was not able to write this self talk in morning.

Q. This is the part of fabulous energizing challenge. Isn’t it?

A. Yes, but I have completed all other activities of fabulous energizing challenge in morning. I also had done fabulous morning challenge. This self talk is only thing left to do so I am writing it.

Q. What’s now? When will you do your other priority activities?

A. I will start doing it once I am done with this self talk.

Q. What about your rush of lust. Are you still feeling it?

A. It is still affecting me but I am in state where I can manage it and stay focused.

Q. Have you listen your empowering question as lulabuy yet?

A. I didn’t get chance to do it today, but I have some development in the process which I will share in night self talk. That’s all for now. I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

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