Prosperity 21248-Night

Q. Why you are writing your self talk so late?

A. I don’t feel like writing it.

Q. Then why you are writing it?

A. To develop a habit of writing self talk every night.

Q. What will you get from this?

A. Power, Peace, Prosperity, Popularity, and Prestige.

Q. Keep dreaming. You completed fabulous energizing challenge and fabulous morning challenge in morning. Have you attended online lecture for an hour?

A. No. The lust inside me make me skip it.

Q. You played elevate?

A. Yes. I completed few workout.

Q. Will you do fabulous night challenge after writing this self talk?

A. Yes.

Q. What are you feeling and thinking right now?

A. I am feeling distracted and thinking when this half and hour end so that I can stop writing my self talk.

Q. You helped anyone today?

A. One of my colleague got fired from his job so to comfort him I ask, “In all that you are going through what are you most proud of doing?” I hope this had cheered him up. I can not say for sure I helped someone or not and that’s why I will take it as no.

Q. How is your day then?

A. It’s a good lazy day. It is far better than yesterday which was suicidal. Good thing is that this rush of lust is slowly leaving me and I am getting on with my track.

Q. Has you come up with any activity which affect your finances?

A. Not yet.

Q. When will you come up with it?

A. I am making a conglomeration with ॐ. To be exact let say, “ॐ and my conglomerate.” To keep me in empowered state I am asking myself, ” Why and how ॐ and my conglomerate is prospering in every area?” on repetitive basis. This is an interesting question to ask so that I can stay in empowered state. Asking this question to myself on daily basis increases the probability that my subconscious mind comes up with some answers. Suppose I get ten answers and some how I acted and implemented one of them, then my success rate will be ten percent which is infinitesimally better than having no Idea at all and stay stuck in low, sad, and timid state.

Q. All this sounds like a plan, but it is very abstract. What I am asking is, “What activity you can implement in your daily routine to enhance your finances?”

A. You are right. As long as I didn’t come up with any solid idea lets take the activity of listening the above given question like a lullaby. That’s all for now. I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

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