Prosperity 21250-Morning

Q. You completed your fabulous energizing challenge?

A. I have given my thirty three percent due to lack of time.

Q. Why you have lack of time?

A. I woke up quite late, around nine thirty, and I have to leave for job in my father’s business.

Q. If you are late then why you are even doing it?

A. I don’t have to hit century in every match in some match I get out on single digit. What really important is I need to keep playing. Beside one event like waking up late cannot completely derail the quality of my day if I keep doing my priority activities

Q. And what about your quality of living in general?

A. That too fluctuate. Some time I win man of the series and man of the match both, other time I have to either one of them. What important is consistency and persistence. This will create butterfly effect. Down the line doing these priority activities will become my habits which in turn keep me on auto pilot for good. Although because of waking up late quality of my fabulous energizing challenge suffer and I also have to drop fabulous morning challenge all together but good thing is I still have rest of the day for me to complete my other priority activities. That’s all for now. I bless from heart everything, everyone, and myself all the pleasures of living.

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