Prosperity 21283-Night

Q. How is your day?

A. It’s a good lazy day.

Q. How?

A. I completed fabulous morning challenge, played elevate, attended online lecture. I am also writing a self talk and I am on fabulous night challenge.

Q. You didn’t helped anyone?

A. Not materialistically.

Q. What else you did?

A. Nothing much. Just remunerating on thought that which question to ask myself so that I become prosperous fast.

Q. What you concluded?

A. Nothing. There is too many options and word choices. I don’t know which one to choose and stick with.

Q. Which are the words you have to choose from?

A. Words like prosperous, prosper, wealth, wealthier, wealthy, millionaire, billionaire, etc.,

Q. You are losing your mind?

A. I too think so. I am too stuck on the perfect question

Q. Don’t you think its a good idea to write all the question on notebook and leave it there as it is like Dumbledore?

A. Yes. I will write all the question in notebook after I complete fabulous night challenge.

Q. Are you still stick to one affirmation during sama vritti meditation?

A. Yes. Today I have good day for three consecutive day and only two days left in achieving the goal of five consecutive good day.

Q. Any more good news?

A. Yes. I feel and think within a week I will have above seventy percent in all the priority activities.

Q. What will do then?

A. Stop being so impatient let the week pass so that we can remain in the sync with the sun.

Q. What else you feel and think?

A. I feel and think that my future is bright. That’s all for now. I bless everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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