Prosperity 21290-Night

Q. What is your last blog post performance?

A. It have five views and four likes with liked to viewed ration of .8

Q. Is it good?

A. It is better than set criteria of .7.

Q. How is your day?

A. I have a good lazy day.

Q. You completed fabulous night challenge?

A. I am on it.

Q. You have achieved your goal of having good day for three consecutive days. Now what?

A. Yes. It is a huge achievement. First of all let me take a selfie to celebrate.

Q. Are you done with selfie?

A. Yes.

Q. Now what?

A. Now I will take a break tomorrow.

Q. What will do during in this break?

A. I am not able to decide what I will do, but that’s the topic of tomorrow. Today I still have to complete fabulous night challenge.

Q. What else you feel and think?

A. I feel and think that I need to break my streak of being sober.

Q. Why you want to do this?

A. Because hulk break his streak of not getting angry in the movie ‘the incredible hulk’ and it’s appear cool to me.

Q. How long is the streak of hulk was?

A. I don’t remember exactly whether it was in months or years.

Q. How long is your streak?

A. It is less than one month. twenty eight days to be exact.

Q. What will you get if your break your streak?

A. I will break my streak record by making a new one.

Q. Are you conform you want to break it?

A. Yes. But not today. That’s all for now. I bless everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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