Prosperity 21298-Night

A. Hakuna Matata.

Q. What happen?

A. I nailed it again. Now its two day in a row.

Q. What you nailed it?

A. I have good lazy day.

Q. You didn’t helped anyone?

A. I get the chance but I didn’t given much thought about it.

Q. What about online lecture?

A. I watched it with little bit more passion and focus than yesterday.

Q. Fabulous morning challenge?

A. I did it too with so so commitment.

Q. You must have played elevate?

A. Yes and I am writing my self talk now. I might not write it for long because low battery and no electricity.

Q. So only thing left is fabulous night challenge?

A. Yes, and I do it full passion, focus, and dedication.

Q. What you feel and think after this?

A. I feel and think that I can achieve my goal of having three consecutive day as good day by tomorrow night.

Q. This mean your will complete all your priority activities tomorrow too.

A. Yes.

Q. What you feel and think brought this sudden change in you?

A. This is not sudden change. I was deliberately working on it from past few months. Besides destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is.

Q. That’s all?

A. Real change which I experience today afternoon is that I did felt sleepy after having lunch. I am shock. I think Nine planets are now working in my favor and I am getting lucky.

Q. But you zodiac sign sucks. isn’t it?

A. That’s true, but in Adobe of Humans I am surrounded by all types of people. That’s all for now as battery is about to die. I bless everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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