Prosperity 21300-Night

Q. Had you attended online lecture for two hours today?

A. Yes.

Q. You played elevate?

A. Yes.

Q. You helped anyone?

A. Three beggars.

Q. This means you have good active day today?

A. No. I missed fabulous morning challenge.

Q. Why?

A. Because sleep is my kryptonite.

Q. Ok. What else you did?

A. Just day dreaming most of the time besides I am assisting my father in his business.

Q. You implemented your change in it?

A. I discussed it today. It is not feasible.

Q. What else you want to write in this self-talk?

A. Tomorrow is very important day?

Q. How?

A. I have to make it a good active day.

Q. Can you do it?

A. I have done it more than once and I will do it again tomorrow.

Q. What so special about tomorrow?

A. Nothing. I just want to push myself.

Q. What else you do tomorrow?

A. I will tell more in tomorrow morning post.

Q. Why not now?

A. I still have to complete fabulous night challenge.

Q. Oh! By the way what you are learning in your online lecture?

A. I will tell you if I complete that course.

Q. If?

A. Yes. I have track record of leaving things incomplete.

Q. Why?

A. I don’t know. This is the way I am. I feel and think this happen because I am not good in delayed gratification.

Q. Don’t you want to change yourself for good?

A. I am trying everyday because prosperity is important, passion is important, pleasure is important, and boredom is important.

Q. How?

A. I am meditating one thought with very slight variation for more than one month now.

Q. What is that thought?

A. You will find it at home page of this blog post.

Q. What’s your goal regarding meditating this thought?

A. I will keep meditating on this one thought for whole 2023 with no variation at all. This will be my new year resolution.

Q. What if it start affecting you negatively?

A. I don’t know whether it have positive or negative effect. I will review about it in the end of year 2023.

Q. That’s all for 2023?

A. I have some vision about my social and financial status too. After all my goal in to nurture my power, peace, prosperity. popularity, and prestige. That’s all for today. I bless everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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