Prosperity 21301-Night

Q. How is your sunday?

A. I slept and slept and slept.

Q. Really. Why?

A. No genuine reason. I just feel like sleeping.

Q. So you didn’t done your any criteria activities?

A. I played elevate, writing a self talk, and I will do fabulous night challenge.

Q. You have a poor lazy day?

A. Right

Q. Have you thought about one thing which you need to avoid in your father’s business?

A. I am not arrived at any conclusion yet. I am not able to feel and think of any such thing.

Q. What will you do then?

A. I will keep facing the workload head on until any inspiration come to me.

Q. What about your commitment to make your day as good day for three consecutive days?

A. I am working on it. By the way I surrender all my commitment on daily basis.

Q. When will you achieve this goal of yours?

A. This week for sure. That’s all for today. I bless everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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