Inspiration 21306-Night

Q. How is your last blog post performed?

A. It have six views and four likes with liked to viewed ration of 0.67.

Q. How you failed in mesmerizing the readers?

A. I am going too fast.

Q. What does this have to do with quality of your self talk.

A. I overwhelmed myself by number of activities in my daily routine.

Q. Didn’t you decided to tackle the work force head on?

A. Yes, I said so and this is affecting my writing, days quality, and reach.

Q. How is your today?

A. Today is an average active day.

Q. Don’t you want to went through your criteria for day’s quality?

A. I missed morning fabulous challenge other than that I completed all other criteria. I also helped an elderly person financially.

Q. Coming back to previous question, what will you do about your workload now?

A. I will still be faceing it head on. Only difference is that I will be passive in taking any new task.

Q. Didn’t it hinder your growth?

A. I will do it for certain time period.

Q. How long?

A. First let me introduce you to loop habit tracker. Its an app to keep record of our routine task and assign it certain percent value with some secret algorithm which determine the strength of that task as habit.

Q. What will I do from the information of this app?

A. I will feed all my criteria activities to this app and start keeping record about them.

Q. What this have to do with time period of your passivity?

A. Simple, when I cross a set threshold, which is 70 percent at present, in all criteria activities then I will seek any new task.

Q. How long you feel and think it will take to cross seventy percent in all the criteria activities?

A. It will takr less than three months.

Q. What will you gain and achieve by doing this?

A. It have two advantage. First I can tell my day’s quality while ticking the criteria activities. Second, in long run I can decide the quality of my life.

Q. How?

A. When all the criteria activities cross the set threshold of seventy then I will say I am living a good life.

Q. Clever. What your living quality right now?

A. It is between poor and average.

Q. How come?

A. I oversleep in morning. I also bunk online lectures. My consistency in helping at least one and at most three people is bad. These three factors are making quality of my life below average.

Q. Are you taking into consideration your financial status?

A. If I do that then I will be lying below poor threshold.

Q. When will you start taking into consideration of your financial status?

A. Let’s destiny decide that because destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is at it is. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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