Inspiration 21310-Night

Q. Are you able to make your day good day?

A. Yes. Not only this, I make my day as good active day.

Q. How come?

A. Only thing left to do is to complete my fabulous night challenge and play game for two three minutes.

Q. How does it feel?

A. It feels normal like any other day, only difference is that I am feeling certain urgency to complete the pending tasks.

Q. You finally almost have good active day. Now what?

A. Now I have to do it for three consecutive day.

Q. Will you be able to do it?

A. It have good probability because doing online lecture easier than attending offline studies.

Q. How?

A. For instance I was at my father business for whole day today still I got my lectures done. If I have to do it offline then it will never be possible.

Q. Why you have to spend your whole day at your father’s business?

A. Today he have to attend many marriages.

Q. Don’t you have any invitation?

A. I have one and fucking person who invited me ignored me.

Q. Why?

A. They are far ahead of me on the success ladder and that’s why he thinks he can act like dick.

Q. What will you do then?

A. I will win Noble price and Bharat Ratna to turn the table.

Q. Amusing. Do you even realizing what you are saying?

A. Perfectly

Q. How will you do this?

A. By ॐ grace, Nine planets help, meditation, consecutively make my day great active day, and law of attracting.

Q. Great active day? You mean good active day, right?

A. No, great active day.

Q. What’s the difference?

A. Destiny will make me tell you someday because destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is.

Q. You will not tell this directly?

A. Only few knows destiny and I am not one of them.

Q. Then how you decided to win Noble Prize and Bharat Ratna?

A. My will to thrive says to do so.

Q. What else your will to thrive says?

A. My will to thrive says that I have to make my tomorrow as good active day.

Q. When will you start your fabulous night challenge?

A. I am almost done with todays self talk. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Prayer.

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