Inspiration 21312-Night

Q. Where were you in morning?

A. Sleeping

Q. That means you did not completed your fabulous morning challenge?

A. I did it partially.

Q. What else you did today?

A. I attended online lecture for one hour, helped two kinds, and at present writing my self talk.

Q. That’s all?

A. These are the criteria activities worth mentioning because they determine the quality of my day.

Q. What you feel and think your day’s quality?

A. It’s average active day.

Q. How come average?

A. Because I did two important task partially. Combine both will make one complete.

Q. And why active?

A. I helped more than one person but less than three person.

Q. How you feel and think your last blog post performed?

A. Astonishingly my last blog post have six views, eight likes, and zero comments with liked to viewed ration of 1.33. I feel and think I am on my way to be a rockstar blogger.

Q. How rockstar blogger?

A. People start to notice in advance that my blog post is going to be attention catching.

Q. Don’t you feel and think you are getting too optimistic?

A. No way. My blog post are changing my life as well as impacting the life of readers too.

Q. How you can say this?

A. This is what I feel and think.

Q. What else?

A. Just same old task of look for remedies, like law of attraction and yantras, to become prosperous with least effort.

Q. Will it work?

A. Who knows what exactly is in destiny but my will to thrive is saying to give it a chance even if have 0.1 percent probability of happening.

Q. Why your will to thrive say this?

A. So simple. If astrology have effect on humans character and personality then astrological remedies must have some effect too. Also neuroscientists are convinced that our emotions and thoughts have power to change the structure of our brain for better or worse.

Q. How you want to change your brain?

A. By making my day good active day consistently.

Q. How will you do that?

A. By completing the criteria activities consistently.

Q. So you will not use any astrological remedies or law of attraction?

A. They are already included in the criteria activities but according to my experience and will to thrive I cannot totally depend upon them. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Prayer.

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